Mass Intentions, Sanctuary Lamps, and Flowers

You may schedule a Mass in memory of a loved one, in thanksgiving, or for a special intention. Two intentions are accepted for most Masses throughout the year, except that three are taken for Saturday evening and Sunday Masses at Our Lady of Sorrows. Mass intentions must be scheduled in the Mass book at the parish office. The opening of the Mass intention book for the following year takes place shortly after Easter, and is announced in the bulletin. The Mass stipend is $10.

You may obtain Mass cards at the parish office for $10.

You may also light one of the sanctuary lamps, or provide flowers in memory of a loved one, in thanksgiving, or for a special intention. 

  • A sanctuary lamp may be lit for a week (Saturday through Friday). There are two lamps at each church, and one or both may be requested for $15 each.
  • Flowers may be ordered for weekend liturgies at both churches for $75 per arrangement. Flowers must be ordered 2 weeks in advance.
Please contact the parish office if you are interested in any of the above. If you would like the dedication to be included in the bulletin, you must contact the parish office at least a week in advance.


  • December 14, 2014
    Both of the lamps that burn before the Blessed Sacrament in St. Anthony Church are offered in loving memory of J. Gregory and Kathleen M. Delate at the request of their family.
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