• From the Pastor's Desk
      Dear Parishioners:
      This week's message is one of special thanks to all who regularly assist the needy of our area through their donations to our parish St. Vincent DePaul Conference. At St. Anthony Church we have permanent poor boxes at each door, while at Our Lady of Sorrows Church we place our gifts in the now familiar green baskets on the fourth Sunday of the month. I am truly grateful for your generosity. Your support is making a difference in the lives of so many people. The appeals to our parish for some financial assistance have increased significantly over the past two years. This makes your gift so much more appreciated. The funds we receive remain with us to help the needy within our own parish territory, whether Catholic or non-Catholic.
      Do not grieve or complain
      that you were born in a time
      when you can no longer see God in the flesh.
      He did not in fact take this privilege from you.
      As he says,
      "Whatever you have done to the least of my brothers,
      you did to me."
                                                             ~St. Augustine of Hippo
      With affection,
      Msgr. Gervasio
    • Calendar
      • Nov 2, 2014
        Join us for our monthly Youth Ministry Mass- students are invited to participate in the liturgy by being a lector, ushering, and bringing up the gifts. We also welcome music by Sibling Rivalry at this Mass.
      • Nov 2, 2014
        8:00 AM - 11:30 AM
        Come and enjoy the Buffet Breakfast at our Knights of Columbus Council Home on Klockner Rd., Hours--8:00 to 11:30 AM. Click for details.
      • Nov 2, 2014
        8:30 AM
        All parishioners are invited to join the Rosary Altar Society at 8:30 AM when we recite the rosary. We then attend the 9:00 AM Mass as a group. For complete details, click the event title.
      • Nov 2, 2014
        7:00 PM - 9:00 PM
        Join us for a fun evening of fellowship and prayer!
      • Nov 3, 2014
        7:00 PM
        Our monthly meeting will be held on the first Monday of the month, and will begin at 7:00 PM in the Church Meeting Room. For details, click the event title.
      • Nov 4, 2014
        1:00 PM
        Senior Club #2 meeting
      • Nov 8, 2014
        10:00 AM
        Our parish will remember and pray for the deceased of the past year at a special Mass to be celebrated at Our Lady of Sorrows Church on Saturday, November 8, at 10:00 AM. Let us pray also for their families and friends. All are welcome.
      • Nov 8, 2014
        6:00 PM - 8:00 PM
        Unplug from all your devices and distractions and spend an evening as a family! Bring your favorite board game and a snack to share! ALL are welcome!
      • Nov 8, 2014
        6:00 PM - 8:00 PM
        Unplug from all your devices and distractions and spend an evening as a family. Bring your favorite board game and a snack to share. All are welcome.
      • Nov 12, 2014
        1:00 PM
        Senior Club #1 meets on the second Wednesday of each month, in St. Anthony Church Hall at 1:00 PM. We are seeking new members--please come join us!
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    • News
      • October 26, 2014
        You're invited to the All Souls Day Mass at St. Mary's Mausoleum on November 3. Click the article title for details.
      • October 26, 2014
        Click the article title for the Holy Father's general and missionary intentions for November.
      • October 26, 2014
        Come celebrate our reunion with all 4 years: '73, '74, '75, and '76, on Friday, November 28, from 7-11 PM. Click the article title for more information.
      • October 26, 2014
        Next year Our Lady of Sorrows - St. Anthony parish will celebrate the 60th anniversary of our school with a series of parish-wide events. This will require some planning. The OLS School Board is looking for parishioners, former students, and school parents (past and present) who would be interested in helping to organize this celebration. Click the article title for more information.
      • October 26, 2014
        Priesthood Sunday, October 26, is a day especially chosen to celebrate the sacrament of Holy Orders—the sacrament of priestly dedication. This Sunday we acknowledge and honor the priests of our parish. Msgr. Tom, Fr. Carter, and Fr. Jean serve us with holy guidance, patient teaching, and gentle spiritual encouragement. They deliver an opportunity for us to grow closer to God as they serve "in the Person of Christ." Their vocation calls them to serve as pastoral counselors for our spiritual journey. Now let us offer prayer and heartfelt thanks for their sacrifice and commitment.
      • October 26, 2014
        Daylight Savings Time ends next weekend. Remember to turn your clocks back an hour!
      • October 26, 2014
        Next weekend, November 1-2, the Church will commemorate and pray for all the faithful departed. The Mass texts will be those of All Souls Day. During the month of November, the names of our beloved deceased, indicated on the envelopes you have returned, will be placed upon the altars of our churches. There they will remain for prayerful remembrance.
      • October 26, 2014
        This coming Saturday, November 1, is the Solemnity of All Saints. While usually a Holy Day of Obligation, since it falls on a Saturday this year, the obligation to assist at Mass this year is lifted. Accordingly, the Solemnity will be celebrated at the regular 8:00 AM Mass at St. Anthony Church.
      • October 18, 2014
        Our parish serves through its annulment advocate. If you have questions about obtaining an annulment, or would like help with the process, click the article title for details.
      • October 11, 2014
        Please join us at this year's Volunteer Appreciation Luncheon. For details, click the article title.